There’s a problem in the IT industry today…

A problem that is so blatantly clear that it’d smack you in the face if it were possible.

BDR providers have a misguided sense of pride.

Sure, we all say that we have rapid virtualization times, and large amounts of offsite space, oh, and we even virtualize in the cloud but let’s get real here, it’s not enough. All those things are well and good but honestly, they really just give us permission to play. We’ve been avoiding the REAL problem that MSPs are facing: resources.

Think about it.

Your technician is not going to go to you and say, “Hey boss, I don’t have much work to do today so I can go out and take care of those umpteen recoveries for our clients.” More often than not, they are swamped with tickets and when a recovery needs to happen, they are pulled away from doing business that makes you money.  They aren’t able to bill clients or go out to work on projects but instead have to go and fix the backup problem.

While yes, the CharTec BDR has the blah, blah, to fix your blah, blah (yes, this was intentional), we handle the one problem that affects your business the most: your resources.

Support? That’s CharTec’s responsibility.

Remediation? Our techs have it covered.

Backup and Virtualizations? CharTec’s doing them all.

Don’t send another technician out to do a single backup and recovery. That’s our job.


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When I think of CharTec, three things come to mind. Energy! The CharTec team is all "GO" and its energy is infectious. Next is its ENTHUSIASM and optimistic attitude. I just feel better after some CharTec "time." Finally – INNOVATION! Hardly one fiscal quarter passes without CharTec introducing some new leading solution. They just seem to be in the right place at the right time!
Harry Brelsford ( SMB Nation )

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