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You’ve sent out your marketing messaging and it worked! You got a call from a prospective client and were able to transition them into a first appointment. That’s pretty sweet! Fast forward to your first meeting and you’ve closed them on a discovery. Even better! But now what? What questions should...
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You’re never late for meetings. You also chip in for every co-worker’s birthday or baby shower that comes along. That’s why you consider yourself a good colleague – certainly not like that annoying person in the cubicle next to you. But what you may not realize is that you can indeed...
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It is way past the time to embrace VOIP. VOIP is here to stay, it is not going away and if you are not incorporating it into your product offerings, it will affect your business. The FCC is currently reviewing the laws they place on the incumbent ILEC's and their responsibility...
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Over the course of the next few blogs, we’ll be introducing a few ways for your MSP to stay ahead of the curve. Our theme for the month of July is Innovation, so what better way to immerse ourselves in innovation than to take it piece by piece, department by department,...
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Last week we hosted the first CharTec Marketing Lab of our summer season, which was attended by six fabulous business executives from all across the country. Over the course of three days, myself, the CharTec marketing team and the attendees spent our time developing marketing plans, SWOT analyses, objectives, social media...
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