ConnectWise Marketing Retreat

Marketing can be such a challenge, especially if you don’t have a way to automate your efforts.

Now you can market your business and gain new leads even if you don’t have the budget for marketing software.

Say hello to Marketing Manager, from ConnectWise, your marketing godsend within a PSA.

Join CharTec VP of Marketing, Emalee Sugano, as she takes a deep dive into marketing your business utilizing ConnectWise. Gain first-hand insight into:

  • Utilizing marketing manager to automate your marketing efforts 
  • Tracking the success of your email campaigns
  • Managing your marketing projects to ensure that each phase is completed

Date: Friday, September 19, 2014
Time: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: CW Headquarters, 4110 George Road, Suite 200, Tampa FL
Accommodations: The CharTec team will be staying at the Westin Tampa Bay. There is no specific CharTec rate, but there will be a shuttle from this location to and from the ConnectWise facility for the event.


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Building Marketing Accountability with ConnectWise:
A marketing plan means nothing if you don’t have the means to actually implement it and measure its success. Building accountability for your actions allows you to determine what actually works and what doesn’t, so that you can focus your energy on marketing plans that grow your business. Learn how to not only create a marketing plan but ensure its fruition using ConnectWise.   

Before the Leads Hit Your Sales Funnel:
Once a lead hits the sales funnel, it’s put on a fast paced track to intrigue, educate and nurture the prospect so that they feel compelled enough to call you. But what happens before that lead? How is that lead qualified to be in your sales funnel? Join CharTec, VP of Marketing, Emalee Sugano as gives you the tools and best practices to acquire a lead list, clean and scrub said list, import the list into ConnectWise, create groups and managing your ConnectWise database. 

Preparing to Market:
You’ve purchased a lead list, cleaned and imported it, and written a marketing campaign to run with said list. Now What? You never know how successful your campaigns are unless you have a tool to measure them. Discover how to measure your email campaigns with integration and ConnectWise marketing campaign types and sub-types. 

Evaluate your Marketing Efforts with ConnectWise Marketing Manager: 
Are you taking full advantage of ConnectWise for Marketing? Learn how to use your PSA as a powerful Marketing tool to create groups, send emails, add contacts to a track, and create activities. Plus, create campaigns to monitor real Marketing ROI.  See the actual percentage of emails opened and links clicked, and contact those who took interest in your messages. If you own ConnectWise, you already have access to these great marketing tools. Let us help you put them to use!

Automation Station: Using to ConnectWise Tracks to Automate Your Marketing: : 
Want to see where your marketing money is used best? Unleash the true power of marketing and automation using the tools already existing in your ConnectWise. Automate marketing messages, activities, and outbound emails using tracks. If you own ConnectWise, the tools you need to achieve marketing success are already at your fingertips! We’ll help you put them to use

Putting it all Together:  
You’ve spent the time inputting your marketing campaign into ConnectWise, built the campaign and activated the integration. What happens when you start attaching leads to the track? How do you move them along the sales funnel? Learn about the different stages of the sales funnel and what you can do with leads during each stage as well as different types of campaigns to run based on your target market. 


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CharTec is the answer to my struggles. Now I can focus on growing the business without worrying about whether customers are going to resist making improvements because of cost.

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