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Hardware as a Service - HaaS


Are your clients hesitant to purchase new hardware due to a large initial capital investment and technology that rapidly depreciates in value? Have you been holding off providing your clients with additional hardware because you don't have time to deal with vendors?

Avoid the Hassle

Not upgrading your client's aging technology can lead to more on-site work which drains profitability out of your service contract. Not to mention, if you are not the one providing your clients with new technology, then they will look to a competitor.

With Hardware as a Service (HaaS) from CharTec, you can provide your clients with an affordable hardware solution that can fit any budget. By turning the expense of technology into a monthly operating cost, rather than a one-time expenditure, the benefits of HaaS will be clearly seen by your clients. You can add extra value to your HaaS sales offering and include the fact that there is no upfront payment to get started!

CharTec's Hardware as a Service Solution covers all of your client's technology needs including; servers, workstations, firewalls, Backup and Disaster Recovery Devices (BDR), thin clients, notebooks, and more. Also included with HaaS is private labeling that allows your MSP to position itself as the go-to IT solutions provider for your region.


Add Value

CharTec's HaaS offering will not only add value to your client's business, but to your Managed Services as well!

  • The ROI for a HaaS package is typically 4-6 months with no upfront cost for Members. This means that you will see profit within the first month of doing business with new hardware!
  • CharTec's HaaS service provider license agreements (SPLA) are customizable to fit the needs of your clients, and the agreement can be added to as your client grows.
  • Every CharTec SPLA has a 3 and 4-year refresh rate to guarantee the hardware is never out-of-date.
  • One plan available from CharTec provides you with ROI in 6 months. This plan also lets you own the equipment and deal with the SPLA without requiring a 36 month agreement.
  • To make selling HaaS easy, CharTec has an easy-to-use Configurator tool to help you put together your Managed Service agreements and projects. The Configurator can calculate the ROI for a standard 36-month agreement and for a 6-month HaaS-it-yourself agreement.
  • Learn how to keep the revenue coming in with easy add-ons to all of your HaaS Agreements with MSP Training at CharTec Academies.

CharTec provides your managed service practice with an up-to-date infrastructure, empowering you to better serve and manage your clients. You can even finance your own HaaS solution with the profit from your MS agreements. By increasing revenue for both you and your clients, CharTec's HaaS solution is a truly unique service that will add value to your managed services!

HaaS Service Models

CharTec Hardware as a Service Model #1

  • CharTec SPLA reporting
  • CharTec owns the equipment
  • 36-month agreement
  • You make money on the first month
  • 3 and 4-year refresh rates
  • Every deal is approved based on your Managed Service agreement

CharTec Hardware as a Service Model #2*

  • We assist with building your own HaaS infrastructure
  • NO 36-month agreement
  • ROI in 3-6 months
  • Short-term lending on 3 or 6-month ROI
  • Every deal is approved based on your Managed Service agreement

*With Model #2, the overall goal is for you to HaaS it yourself!


CharTec now gives you the option to HaaS it yourself!  Take all of the advantages of HaaS and use the profit from your Managed Service agreements to funds your own HaaS solution. With our easy to use Configurator tool, simply put together MS agreements, projects, and get 3 to 6-month ROI on your own HaaS agreements! For Hardware as a Service pricing plans, contact us with the form below.

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Member Testimonials

You guys are amazing!...your team went above and beyond and I know worked super hard getting us all of the equipment we needed for our projects in time...you guys totally had our backs, and I really wanted to thank you for that. You guys are truly the best member we have.
Shawn Brown ( Snap Technology, Inc. )

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